Vintage Warmth Never Goes Out of Style

Vintage Warmth Never Goes Out of Style

Pillows have a long and fascinating history.

The earliest known pillows were made of stone or wood, and were used by ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Today, pillows come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. However, at Twenty Third and Deanne, it is important to source pillows that are not only well made with the finest quality, but are also aesthetically pleasing. 

Personality and character are important factors to consider when designing a home, and aside from being an essential part of a good night's sleep, pillows are now a big part of home design and decoration. There’s a lot you can say about people with the pillows they use in their space. Because they come in different shapes, sizes, styles and patterns, the possibilities are endless when it comes to investing in pillows for your home decoration needs. 

The Vintage Warmth collection was curated by going through our history and selecting pillows with the same timeless, classic energy. The continued patronage of customers and clients for Twenty Third by Deanne inspired the pieces chosen for this collection. 

Here’s a timeline of the pieces from this collection through the years:



In 2020, a lot of customers chose the Remi Lumbar No.2 and the Patt Kilim Pillow, beautiful striped pillows that add versatility and dimension to every room. Classic stripes are extremely useful for subtly directing visual interest while still maintaining the effortless vibe in the home. 



2021 was the year when customers had an affinity for geometric patterns provided by the pillows: Sophia Kilim PillowCaleb Kilim, and Murih Pillows. By exploring different patterns and textures, customers were able to discover new combinations and preferences. This was a great adventure for many of our customers who wanted to try something new when it comes to decorating their home!

  • Photo by urbangrayhome

  • Photo by theryanhaus_

  • Photo by onthegointeriors



Warmth was a big deal to many of our customers in 2022, who opted for warmer tones and hues when getting their pillows from us. They kept their homes warm and cozy with pieces such as the Zehra Kilim PillowIsra Kilim Pillow, and Elijah. These pillows gave off a comforting and inviting energy to the homes of our customers!

  • Photo by accordingtomandy

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  • Photo by house.on.oak.lane



Soft and sophisticated are the themes for this year— with our customers choosing pieces that provide their home with a casual elegant vibe. Some of the pieces that were a hit in the early half of this year were Adana Kilim and Kenny Kilim Lumbar. With earthy, neutral tones, these pillows help ground the space into a timeless, refined look.

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  • Photo by rachvalente

The Vintage Warmth collection has my heart because it shows how much our customers’ choices influence each individual decision we make on the shop and on our collections. 

It’s always so amazing to see how far this humble, small business has come, and I can’t thank anyone enough for their support. This collection is a testament to how much you have trusted and loved Twenty Third by Deanne and how you are the ones who make sure that our pieces never go out of style.